SOLWANG DESIGN 100% OEKO-Tex Cotton Kitchen / Hand Towels

100% OEKO-Tex Certified Cotton
by Solwang
Ultra soft and stylish 100% cotton Solwang Danish Kitchen Hand Towel will brighten up your home. Designed for gently drying your hands and wiping up surfaces or simply for washing up.

Dorte’s Danish grandmother knitted colorful dishcloths for her family. When the last of Dorte’s grandmother’s knitted dishcloths wore out, Dorte had an idea to produce the cloths and towels in pure cotton in lots of colors.

Today they are machine knitted in India using super soft 100% OEKO-tex certified cotton and a fabulous rainbow of colors!

Wash before first use as surplus color may occur. Each one measures 12.5” x 18.5”. In addition to 100% cotton we also have the organic kitchen towel, too.

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Showing all 14 results