Aleppo Soap by Tade – JASMINE Pain d’Alep – 100gm/3.5oz bar

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Natural Aleppo soap.  Made with Aleppo Olive oil & Laurel oil & Jasmine Essential oil.  In the Mediterranean, jasmine is a fragrant promise of summer.

Wet face and body before use and rinse skin well after use.  Tade traditional luxury soap is crafted from virgin olive oil. Made with the highest grade of gently extracted raw ingredients, and heated according to tradition in cauldrons, made by hand by skilled craftspeople, then aged for 9 months before ready.

About the product:

  • Gentle for daily use for all skin types, young or mature, normal or sensitive. fragile or thirsty.
  • Fair trade.
  • No animal testing. Paraben-free.  No coloring.
  • 100% plant-based ingredients.

Ingredients:  sodium olivate, water, fragrance, sodium laurate, olive fruit oil, sodium hydroxide, cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, amyl cinnamal, eugenol, linalool.

97% plant based.

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