Hinza Accessory: BIG Cooler Bag Insert 15 L

$ 39.00

BIG 15 Liters

  • Made to fit inside Hinza Totes. Zips on 3 sides at top
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone cooler. Includes adjustable shoulder strap and a handle on the top for carrying.
  • Designed in Sweden for Swedish Hinza tote bags.
  • Perfect for keeping foods/beverages cold to take to the beach, on the boat and on your travels
  • Big Size holds 15 Liters

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Soft Insulated Cooler Bag with removable shoulder strap. The shape of the cooler bag is adapted to be used as an insert in a Hinza Tote bag. Take a picnic to the park or fill it with chilled drinks for a day at the beach. If you have the cooler bag in a Hinza tote bag, it is stable and you do not have to worry about it getting dirty or sandy. The cooler bag can also be used as a stand-alone bag and carried by the shoulder strap that comes with the bag. Tip: Bring the cooler bag to the store or market and keep your refrigerated goods cold. Perfect for toting lunch to office!

Color: Black with aluminum clad inside.

This size fits the Big Hinza totes.

Big Hinza Tote Size approx 6.75″ wide x 17″ long x 9.8″ tall.