Perstorp BIOPLASTIC Reusable Tote – BIG – Matte Finish – Red

$ 45.00

BIG 15 Liters/33# Matte Finish

  • Colorful stylish reusable tote made in Sweden
  • Leather patterned exterior looks good for a long time
  • Sturdy, waterproof, ergonomic design perfect for groceries, picnics, gardening, moms, storage, toys, hobbies

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The original reusable tote was produced by Perstorp in Perstorp, Sweden in the 1950’s and was a favorite in Swedish homes used mainly for grocery shopping.  When reusable packaging became popular again in the 2000’s, production was restarted and some new variations came about.

Today, Perstorp now manufactures with wood-based bioplastic from Europe.

Sweden Bag has a matte leather-patterned exterior.  Made using bioplastics with corn, cassava, sugar cane or beets.

Available in a wide range of colors, Perstorp Reusable & Recyclable Totes are perfect for the local market, for groceries, gardening, picnics, taking to the beach or onto the boat.  It is fantastic because it is not only reusable but it is easily washable and waterproof.  Use it to carry beverages or toys to the beach or playground. It makes a perfect tote to stow knitting and crochet as well as other fun projects. These work very well to carry lunches to work or the park.  Two carry handles make this easy to carry close to your body.  Also, great for storage in the car. Be sure to take this reusable tote grocery shopping and avoid using plastic bags.

Produced in Perstorp, Sweden.

Sweden Bag Big:

  • Width 7″. Length 17.3″.
  • Height with handles 16″.
  • Height without handles 9.5″.