Plain Swedish Dishcloths No Design – 10-Pack Multi-Colors (2ea: Pink/Purple/Apple/Turq/Orange

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Designed & made for Trendy Tripper in Sweden.

This Set of 6 Plain Colored Swedish dishcloths includes:


They are printed in Sweden and made exclusively for Trendy Tripper in the USA.

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THE ECO-FRIENDLY DISHCLOTH:  The dry sponge cloth was invented in 1949 by the Swedish engineer Curt Lindquist, who discovered that a mixture of natural cellulose and cotton (70% cellulose and 30% cotton) can absorb an incredible 15 times its own weight in water. These thin Swedish dishcloths have had a presence in most Scandinavian homes since then. They make a great alternative to paper towels for general wiping up and light cleaning and are perfect for homes, cottages, kitchens, boats and bathrooms. When they become wet, they are very soft and they also dry very quickly. Quick drying fabric prevents bacteria from spreading. Machine washable at 140 up to 200 times.

Our sponge cloth is made in Europe.  These plain ones work just as well as the printed ones! The backs have the diamond design.

Each measures 6.75 x 8 inches.  Each replaces 15 rolls paper towel.

  • SPONGE CLOTH: Each dishcloth (aka sponge cloth) measures 6.75” x 8”. Do not confuse these with a dish towel or tea towel. The Swedish dishcloth when wet is intended for gently wiping up spills and cleaning household surfaces including counter tops, granite, stainless steel, refrigerator shelves, glass, non-stick surfaces and more.
  • NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADABLE FABRIC: The material is biodegradable because it is made of 70% natural wood pulp and 30% recycled cotton fiber. When you feel it should be discarded, simply put in your compost heap where it will degrade because of the nature of the material.
  • REPLACE PAPER TOWEL: Machine washable and reusable. Will withstand a couple hundred washings. Each dishcloth will replace 15-17 rolls of paper towel. This concept will not only save money but will also be friendly to our planet because there will be much less waste.

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Army Olive, Black, Brick Red, Chirpy Orange, Dark Plum, Going Navy, Lovely Fuchsia, Petrol Baby, Poppy Red, Purple Rain, Simply Grey, Suomi Blue