Reenberg’s Magnetic Cloth Rail – Stainless Steel “Special Strong” For Corian or Granite Sink

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Now you can hang your dishcloth in your sink to dry. Reenberg’s magnetic cloth rail is a simple solution for hanging dish cloths in the sink without drilling holes. This Magnetic Dish Cloth Rail is available in Flexible PE or non-Flexible Stainless Steel. The Flexible rail may be bent to place in the corner of your kitchen sink or bar sink or kept straight to place on the side.

The standard magnets are designed to work with stainless steel sinks. The magnets do NOT adhere to the sink but instead there is a second set of magnets to be placed on the outside of the sink inside the kitchen cabinet (behind the magnets of the rail). There is no need for screws and this is easy to attach and remove. PLEASE NOTE: For special sinks, such as granite or Corian type, extra strong magnets are required. If your sink is not stainless steel, be sure to choose the rail “For granite or Corian type sink” which is only available in Flexible Grey or Stainless Steel.  Reenbergs Rails are designed and made in Denmark and they are perfect for quickly drying Swedish dishcloths.

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